The staff strives to give quality instruction on an individual basis in the dance arts, with the student's personal achievement levels as it's focal point. Emphasis is placed on the development of coordination, poise, perception and physical and mental discipline.

Children should have some sort of physical activity, and dancing is one of the best. Children learn to be competitive, gain in self-confidence, and obtain a sense of rhythm as well as an appreciation of music. they will learn the proper care of the body during physical exersize, as well as body discipline.

Our entire staff is devoted to building a studio of excellence with an uncompromising dedication to an ideal quality in dance education. Our schools' superior reputation has been built on demonstrating unsurpassed knowledge of dance technique and history, communicating this knowledge on an individual basis and providing the inspiration for creative development to all of our students whether they dance for recreation or career motivation. We look forward to having your child enrolled at our school, where you can be assured he/she will receive a proper dance education taught by qualified progressive teachers.

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