Training in the academic technique of dance should not begin before the age of seven. Children under the age of seven are not physically or mentally ready for rigorous and technical training, therefore, the dance class for the pre-school and kindergarten age is composed of the teaching of directions, basic motor skills, simple dance steps, and patterns which are more suitable and sensible to their learning levels. In the six year old group, we will begin the primary technique of dance, with a continuing progression to the age of seven, where we begin the actual academic training.

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Creative Movement (Age 3 and 4)
Ballet and Tap lesson along with progressions across the floor, stretching, tumbling and work on a low balance beam.
1 Hour

Kinderdance (Age 5)
Ballet and Tap lesson along with progressions across the floor, stretching, tumbling and work on a low balance beam. Turns and directions are introduced.
1 Hour

Primary Dance (Age 6)
Ballet and Tap become more technical along with all other class activities. Introduction to formal training.
1 Hour

Beginners Work (Age 7+)
Academic training begins in ballet and tap with terminology. At this point the tumbling and low balance beam are eliminated from the curriculum.
1 to 1.5 Hours

Combination Ballet and Tap
Beginner Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced classes.
1 to 1.5 Hours

Lyrical/Modern (Age 10+)
A combination of both techniques, emphasizing control and extension.

Classic Jazz in the style of Luigi, Frank Hatchett, Gus Giordano.
1 Hour

A Jazz Workshop can be added starting at age 5. This is generally 15 minutes to 1/2 an hour of basic movement in Jazz, which is more suited to the younger students who are not yet ready for a technical class.

Classical Standard Tap and Rythem Tap, either in combination class or separate.
1 Hour

Hip Hop (Age 10+)
Beginner and Advanced.
1 Hour

Classical Ballet (Age 12+)
Balanchine style.
1 Hour

Pointe (Age 10+)
Pointe work requires a minimum of 2 Ballet classes per week.
1 Hour

We also offer: Adult Dance, Yoga and Ballroom classes—Please inquire.


For whatever reason you have chosen this school for the training of your child, be assured that it is our purpose to teach as broad a background as is possible at each level, and to give your child the correct aspects of technical training. Children are given a great deal of individual attention and are taught with encouragement and enthusiasm. Our staff is highly qualified. Miss Pat and Miss Jodi have studied extensively in their art, and continue studies throughout the year with the highest standards of teaching available. Our concern for our students is both personal and professional. We hope you will find this to be a wonderful and creative experience for your child.

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